Deceased Gibb Brothers Reveal to Brother Barry ‘How to Mend a Broken Heart’ During Seance

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Barry Gibb, the International singing-songwriter superstar, attended a seance this past weekend in an effort to contact his deceased brothers but got a whole lot more than he ever expected.

“Immediately after the seance started, Robin, Maurice and Andy showed up,” said a co-attendee of the event. “It was great seeing them together, they laughed, cried and even did some 4-part harmonies, just like the old days.”

“After singing some of the old hits together,” the co-attendee went on to say, “the three brothers hunched over and whispered in Barry’s ear. After a couple of minutes a look of complete joy swept over his face. When the seance had finished he told us that his brothers had revealed to him all the unanswered questions in the song ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.’ He said that life was worth living now, I’m so happy for him!”

Law enforcement agencies all around the world are quite concerned, though. “I’m in fear for our planet,” says an unidentified spokesman for INTERPOL, a french organization that facilitates international police cooperation. “This man now possesses knowledge of how to make a loser win, how to stop the rain from falling down, how to stop the sun from shining and what makes the world go round. Let’s just all hope and pray to God that Mr. Gibb stays in the happy zone.”

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