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Facebook User Overdoses On Her Own Moral Superiority After a Night of Binge Posting

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    Chrissy Allgood, an avid Facebook user, was rushed to an area hospital this morning after succumbing to toxic levels of her own moral superiority during a Facebook posting bender that lasted nearly 12 hours.

    Miss Allgood began posting on her Facebook account on Thursday afternoon and by the early evening had received so many ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ that she couldn’t stop herself. She tirelessly worked into the evening and by the midnight hour had accrued more than 3,000 posts and re-posts in support of illegal immigrants, gays, lesbians, transgenders, cancer survivors, Muslims and many other disenfranchised groups that didn’t include white male Christians. Around 1 A.M an unidentified friend who was staying at the house noticed something wasn’t right with Chrissy. “She started to sweat then shake and then this light hovered above her and she just collapsed.”
      A spokesperson for the hospital says that “Chrissy is doing fine and should be released soon. We look forward to releasing this wonderful human being so that she can get back to her Facebook account and continue her fight for justice.”

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