Ghost of Tim Russert Lulls Chuck Todd Into a Vulnerable Position then Goes Medieval On Him for Ruining ‘Meet The Press’

in Politics

The ghost of Tim Russert made a surprise visit to his former colleague last week but the reunion was far from pleasant. 

Chuck Todd, the current host of Meet the Press, was in his apartment working on a pottery project when the deceased Tim Russert suddenly appeared behind him and began guiding Mr. Todd’s hands on the vase he was forming on a pottery wheel. When Mr. Todd became totally lost in the embrace, Mr. Russert jumped up and began a 10 minute beat down of the current Meet the Press host. All during the ruckus Mr. Russert kept screaming, “you’ve ruined my show, you’ve ruined my show, what’s the frequency Chucky!?!”

Co-workers of Mr. Todd have warned him in the past several months that if Tim Russert, the previous host of the Meet the Press, ever saw how the show was run now, he would probably roll over in his grave.


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